ICT services

LogX capabilities in the area of ICT support – Services

LogX has a wealthy experience in performing various forms of ICT support, mainly thanks to its staff, who have all been engaged in extremely complex ICT support projects for more then ten years. LogX staff has worked with large as well as medium and small enterprises. During the development of complex ICT support projects, LogX has created extraordinary connections with the leading providers of CIT solutions applications, manufacturers of CIT equipment, system integrators as well as with individual experts. All of which can be put to use in development of complex and inter-disciplinary undertakings of CIT support projects.

Level 1 – Design and management of complex ICT support projects
  • Consulting
  • Necessities snapshot
  • Defining possible scenarios of ICT support solutions
  • Carrying out projects, project and tender documentation
  • Help with choosing the optimal ICT elements, providers, subsystems or a complete ICT support solution
  • Carrying out and managing Master Plan Implementation
Level 2 – Implementations and managing of the ICT support implementations
  • Control over acquisitions and installation of ICT elements
  • Reports of the state of implementation/implementation phase
  • Installation, adjustments and testing of subsystems of ICT support functions
  • (Networks, servers, workstations, system and application software, building blocks – mail, antivirus, internet, personal productivity solutions)
  • Compiling reports of testing results and corrections suggestions
Level 3 – Usage and managing of usage of ICT support functions and subsystems
  • Defining the resources necessary for usage of ICT solutions, subsystems or functions.
  • Ideas and suggestions for organization, necessary profiles and jobs for carrying out the ICT support
  • Monitoring and the achieved performances of ICT solutions
  • Carrying out optimization and administration of ICT elements
  • Consulting and suggestions to increase ICT solution performance
  • Maintenance, installation and replacement of ICT elements
Level 4 – Direct support for end-users of ICT solutions
  • Testing capabilities of ICT elements users
  • Production of plans, control of training and training for end-users of ICT elements (formal training, OJT and “how to use”)
  • Direct support with use of ICT elements (help with applications, error removal, instructions for performing specific operations, protection and restoring of data, anti virus protection)